Character creation

Roll up a few characters!

We’ll be using the “generating multiple characters” optional rule from ACKS:

“At the start of play, each player generates five characters and select one primary and two back-up characters. The remaining two characters are given to the Judge to use as NPCs to populate the campaign setting. If the primary and back-ups are all killed, the player generates five additional characters, again picking three and giving the Judge two. This ensures that the player always has a variety of characters to choose from to find one he likes, and gives the Judge some additional NPCs to populate the world.” (from p27 of the rules)

Available Classes

If there is a particular class you would like to use that isn’t in the list, ask the DM. The class list was chosen to give the campaign a particular feel, but something may have been missed.

(PC) means the class is in the Player’s Companion book.


Campaign Classes

Demi-human Classes


Characters will be created pretty much by the book. For the sake of clarification:

  • Ability scores: Roll 3d6 in order. No re-rolls. (You’re generating 5 characters, so that should account for poor rolls)
  • Hit points should be rolled at first level, not maximized. Natural ones may be re-rolled.

Character creation

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